Mud Run

Slaley Hall, Northumberland

Saturday 7th May 2016

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The 2016 Allout Extreme X is a brand new mud run style event that is taking place on the vast Edwardian estate at Slaley Hall in Northumberland on Saturday May 7th 2016.

Take on the Allout Extreme X as an individual, pushing your own personal goals to the limit or enter as a team and enjoy the camaraderie and group elation as you cross the finish line.

Dig deep on our challenging 5k run or enter our gruelling 10k run which will test your mental determination and have you at physical breaking point!

Both courses consist of purpose built obstacles and challenges. Up to 20 different obstacles on the 5k and nearly 30 obstacles plus a special stage section on the 10k, tough enough to push your body’s strength and stamina to the extreme!

Stuart Ridley was an active member of Bellingham Young Farmers and keen rugby player for Tynedale.

Stu was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour on Friday 13th February 2015 and told he had just six months to live. He put everything onto Facebook and in the five months before his death at the age of 25 he had almost 19,500 people following his story. Stu's bravery stood out and whole communities came together in support of him and his family.

Stay Strong Stu was founded and over £230,000 has since been raised for various charities including the Brain Tumour Charity and the Wooden Spoon Charity.

We will be donating money towards Stay Strong Stu from your race entries.You can also donate on the day in any of the collection boxes and you also have the choice to donate a little extra upon booking.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s all you need to know about the day. Including what you need to bring along with you in order to make your run as safe and as fun as possible.

Minimum age:

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Allout Extreme X

Eligibility (fitness)

Please make sure that you are fit and physically able to compete. If you suffer from any of the following, we strongly suggest you do not participate:

  • Restricted or limited mobility that could affect safe participation.
  • Brittle bones.
  • Re-occurring, recent or old injuries i.e. neck, back, legs, joints etc.
  • Suffer from any heart, respiratory, spine or limb conditions.
  • If you are on any medication that may affect you taking part.
  • If you are hyper sensitive to liquid soap studs and water.
  • If you are, or think you may be pregnant or have recently given birth.

The weather in Northumberland can be extremely changeable at this time of year so be prepared! Suitable running shoes or sturdy boots will be fine for your feet. Shorts, t shirt, sweat shirt or waterproof jacket will be fine for your top half although you will be given a full warm up session before you head out and you don’t want to be getting too hot on the run.

What to bring on the day

You’ll need to bring your signed disclaimer along with you to hand in at our registration desk which will be signposted upon arrival.

Water, a snack, perhaps a warm drink or soup to help warm up after the run, although we will have a snack van on the day for hot and cold drinks and food.

You’ll also need a change of clothes including footwear to change into after the run along with a towel to dry off after you get cleaned up.


Please ensure that you head to the south side of the hotel grounds and not the main hotel car park. The Start/Finish area is at the paintball site and not next to the actual hotel. For directions to the Start/Finish parking area please visit the contact page on our website and enter your post code into the required fields.


You should arrive at least 40 minutes before your allocated start time.

Upon arrival you should head straight to the registration desk where you will need to hand in your signed disclaimer. One of our team members will then hand you your race shirt, goodie bag and electronic timing device. You will be shown how to correctly fit your timing device at registration.

Once you’re looking the part and electronically tagged you’ll need to head over to Race control where our team will run through some safety points, do’s and don’ts and get you warmed up and stretched out for the challenge ahead of you.

Bag Drop

Please leave all valuables and bags in the boot of your car and hand in your keys at the registration desk where we will match your keys up with your race number and keep in a safe place until you return.


There will be plenty of places for people to spectate. Spectator areas are marked on the run map so why not bring along the family for some great photo opportunities.

Event Disclaimer

Disclaimers must be read, fully understood, signed and handed in at the registration desk before you can participate.

Please also refer to the “Eligibility” section if you are unsure if you are fit to enter.

Warm up

After your safety brief you’ll be given the chance to warm up and stretch out any tight muscles you have before the start of the race. Your warm up session will be carried out by fully trained personal trainers from Spartan Performance at Consett.


A full safety brief will be explained to you by our team after you have registered. This will include details of any hazards to watch out for and safe practice for the run.

There will also be trained first aid staff present throughout the day along with paramedics on site just in case of anything more serious than a bump or scrape.

And just remember. None of the obstacles are compulsory.

The Run

The run will start from the Allout Adventures log cabin in the bottom car park at Slaley Hall.

From there, both the 5k and 10 k run will head off in waves of up to 30 people every 20 minutes.

  • 09.20-11.40 Pros (Seasoned mud runners)
  • 12.20-14.00 Inter (Having another bash)
  • 14.20-15.40 Novices (Where there’s a will there’s a way)

Competitors will need to swipe their timing device at the start line, start and finish of the special section and at the finish line upon return to record their run times.

The run consists of many different obstacles. Some natural and some purpose built. All obstacles will be manned and chicken runs will be present at each obstacle for those too tired or a bit less confident.

View map of the course


To save you taking selfies around the course, we will have a professional photographer here all day. Photographs will be uploaded onto our web site and available to purchase shortly after the event.


There will be a snack van on site, selling hot food and refreshments such as bottled water, energy drinks and snacks will be available at the start/finish area. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial to replenish all of your lost energy you have Slaley Hall hotel which is on site, The Manor House Inn, The Rose and Crown, The Travellers Rest and the Anchor Inn. All within a 5 minute drive.

The Finish

After the total elation of completing the Allout Extreme X and you’ve crossed the finish line you must remember to swipe your timing device to record your time!

You’ll then need to head over to the finish desk to hand in your timing device, grab a drink, take a breather and more importantly collect your finish medal that you’ve worked so hard for!

Getting Clean after the run

We have a basic outdoor shower area and basic male and female changing rooms so don’t forget your towel and clean clothes.


You will have to wait a couple of days for bragging rights as the run results will be available within 2 days and will be posted on this website

  1. Tangled Torment 5&10k
  2. The Pit 5&10k
  3. Mounds of Mayhem 5&10k
  4. Leap Of Faith 5&10k
  5. A Log Slog 5&10k
  6. Hang Time 5&10k
  7. Everest 5&10k
  8. Slip n Slide 5&10k
  9. Trench Torture 10k
  10. Scramble Time 10k
  11. Special Stage 10k
  12. Over the Top 10k
  13. Quarry Quandary 10k
  14. Under the Weather 10k
  15. Over and Under 10k
  16. Sticky Situation 5&10k
  17. Wet Hole 5&10k
  18. The Dug Out 5&10k
  19. Level Head 5&10k
  20. Cargo Capers 5&10k
  21. 3 in a Row 5&10k
  22. Vertigo 5&10k
  23. Getting Tyred 5&10k
  24. Wrecking Walls 5&10k
  25. Mud Mound 5&10k
  26. River Run 5&10k
  27. The Final Climb 5&10k


Telephone: 01434 676980

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